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2022 Tournaments

Carolina Cardinals Hosted Tournaments

Welcome to the tournaments page of the Carolina's leader in showcase and invitational tournaments.
The Carolina Cardinals organization has been hosting showcases, invitationals, and qualifiers since 1992, helping thousands of kids realize their dream of playing at the collegiate level.
We pride ourselves in doing the "right things", the "right way"!
Our record speaks for itself!
We don't have to sell you on "us". 
With a proven track record, over a 25 year span, we still offer the best run, most customer and recruiting friendly events, in the Carolina's.
We still believe it's about the kids and the greatest game on earth!
Our events are about giving back, helping kids and familes, by giving them a venue to showcase their talents and play this game we all love.
We continue to offer more "bang for the buck" ; with lower entry fees and multi-game tournaments for added value. 

Our plan is to keep our events as competitive, affordable, and as cost effective, as we can.

Extreme entry fees ultimately trickle down to the families of these wonderful young ladies who play this great sport.
We promise that our events will stay under the $1000 threshold that other venues seem to think it's okay to charge.
We promise you more for less than the going rates!
And we don't manipulate numbers on college coaches attendance.

Seemingly, the new trend is to take the number of college coaches that sign in each day and add them all together to come up with some inflated number for marketing purposes. We're still old school!

If we have 50+ coaches recruiting one, two or three days, it's 50+. We don't add them all up to total 150+!

Quality events, lots of games, and all at reasonable prices.
And yes, we have college coaches at all of our events.

*We believe in partnerships!*
We continue to look at avenues to increase everyone's overall experience, by partnering with other travel organizations and colleges in the Carolina's, adding value to our events by offering instructional camps prior to some of our events. Again in 2021, we have partnered with
Diamond Direction Softball Camps and the Rise Up Performance Camps hosted by Lenoir Rhynes's head coach, Shena Hollar.


Tournament Information

We have changed up a couple of dates for the 2022 season, as well as now sanctioning our events with Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF)

Tournament entries will now be submitted through the PGF Website.
Details coming soon!

Most all of our tournaments will fill prior to the entry deadline. Please submit you entry form and fee asap to be considered for inclusion.

Contact Rick McHone, 336-416-6056

Carolina's Premier "Power 40" Team Camp
5GG $995

May 28-29, 2022, Freedom Florence Complex, Florence, SC
14U and High School Divison
43 Team Max
College coaches on every field! 
***Early Bird Invitational June 4-5, 2022, High School division, Rock Hill, SC   5GG $675 
***Carolina's Premier "Super 78", 14U-16U-18U, June 10-12, 2022 Tyger River Complex, Spartanburg, SC  5GG  $995
3 college coaches on every field during 4gg pool play Friday and Saturday morning.
All teams go into single elimnation on Sat. afternoon thru Sunday

Also, we have the Rise Up Camp hosted by Shena Hollar  Lenoir Rhyne on June 9th.  Over 40 college coaches attended in 2021!

***East Coast Fireworks Showcase, 14U-16U-18U, June 16-19, 2022, Rock Hill, SC 6GG  $995
Top two finishers from each pool enter a single elimination tournament on Sunday
Each pool winner receives $1000
The winner of single elimination Sunday receives $3000

60+ college coaches in attendance in 2021! Once again in 2022, we are happy to announce we have partnered with Diamond Directions Softball Camps 
PGF NC State
16U-18U, June 24-26, 2022, Rock Hill, SC 
4GG $695


***New for 2022
Pee Dee Classic Team Camp Tournament,
14U-16U-18U, July 8-10, 2022, Freedom Florence Softball Complex, Florence,SC 
5GG $995

14U and High School Divison
43 Team Max

***Cardinals Classic, 16U-18U, July 15-17, 2022, Rock Hill, SC  6GG $895
Also we have the Rise Up Camp hosted by Shena Hollar  Lenoir Rhyne on July 14th.
40+ college coaches in attendance in 2021!

Carolina's Premier "Five" Grand Nationals,

14U-16U-18U, July 29-31, 2022
Walnut Creek Softball Complex, Raleigh, NC   4GG  $995
24 teams in each group.
$5000* to the winner in age group
*(24 teams minimum. Award will be pro-rated for less than 24 teams)

***Late Summer Showcase, 16U-18U, Aug. 5-7,2022,  Rock Hill, SC  6GG  $895

Once again we are happy to announce we have partnered with Diamond Directions Softball Camps. Over 60 college coaches in attendance in 2022!

New for 2022
Clash for Cash
Aug. 12-14, 2022, Tyger River Softball Complex, Spartanburg, SC 
4GG $895
Winner receives $2500 in each age group
(20 team min. in each age group for the $2500 award...award will be pro-rated with less than 20 teams)

*Carolina's Premier Labor Day "Team Camp" Invitational, Sept 3-4,2022, Rock Hill, SC 5GG $995
College coaches instructing on every field, every game!

*Cardinals Clash, Sept. 24-25,2022, Rock Hill, SC  5GG $795
Travel ball tournament alongside a college tournament!
*Ray Chandler Memorial Scholarship Tournament, Oct. 8-9,2022, Rock Hill, SC  5GG $795
Up to 10 - $1000 scholarships awarded by blind draw

Diamond Direction 16U/18U Invitational
Invitations bv application only!
Applications avialable at

Oct 15-16, 2022 Tyger River Complex,
Spartanburg, SC  4GG  $1195
Winner receivs $3500, runner up $1500

*Carolina's Premier "Super 60" Team Camp,
Oct 22-23, 2022 Walnut Creek Softball Complex, Raleigh, NC, 5GG  $995
43 teams max

Over 25 college coaches instructing. College coaches on every field, every game!


*Carolina's Premier "Team Camp II" Invitational,
43 team max

Nov. 19-20, 2022, Rock Hill, SC  5GG $995
Over 25 college coaches instructing. College coaches on every field, every game!

See the links below for locations, dates, and entry forms. These tournaments have an abundance of collegiate coaches in attendance.

Remember to check the housing requirements for any of the tournaments you enter.

Click on the links below to get entry forms for the tournaments. To download, view, and print the forms on your computer, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Team Gate fees will be utilized again for Rock Hill for 2021.
Rates will be $320 for three day events and $220 for two day events.
Rock Hill Events:
Make checks for events in Rock Hill payable to the "City of Rock Hill".
(They are also working on an online pay tab. Will update as info come in)

Spartanburg Events:
Gate fees will be "pay at the gate" for Spartanburg in 2021. $8.00 per adult, $5.00 for kids and up, kids under 14 free.

Freedom Florence Events:
We think it will still be pay at the gate.

Raleigh Events:
Pay at the gate.

Carolina's Premier Fastpitch Invitational 
"Team Camp II"

Rock Hill, SC
 Nov. 20-21, 2021 
Entry Fee
$995 by check or money order
$1030 by credit card
College coaches on the field instructing "real time" during the games!


2022 POWER 40
2022 SUPER 78
2022 East Coast Fireworks
2022 PEE DEE
2022 SUPER 60